Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ruckus in the Rompus Room

This is what my husband said to me this morning. He was going to be making some ruckus in the rompus room. Say what? Apparently that is code for making noise in the kitchen. That one, he kills me.


I love Thursday. Not only because it is so close to the weekend but also because of the Thursday night comedies.  Mostly for Parks and Rec and 30 rock, but I still have love for the office even if Pam is way to sassy. Yesterday at work I felt like I was living an episode. 


Boss: “ If you can sell $800 more today you get 10 point”
(Note: I am not a salesperson, I am an accountant)
Me: “ What does 10 points get me?”
Boss: “Don’t worry about that”
Me to coworker : “ I hope 10 points equal a Schutebuck”
Coworker: “ Maybe we can pool our point together to get the boss to tattoo his butt”
End scene

Unfortunately, I didn’t sell my quota last night so we will never know what 10 point is worth.